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I’m a London based Fashion Photographer aspiring to align with brands that truly want to show Curve and Big&Tall representation whilst creating an aspirational aesthetic and beautiful visuals.


I grew up in Málaga, Spain, before moving to London at 18 to study at University for the Creative Arts. I have always been drawn to questioning representation and how we see women in the media, particularly in fashion. I knew I wanted to be part of a change that was necessary in the industry. Nearly 10 years on, we’ve seen an immense change within brands and corporations worldwide to implement this in the representation and diversity of their image which is exciting, however, there is still so much more work that needs to be done.


Shortly after graduating, I partnered with BRIDGE Models for a solo exhibition titled Schema at Different Gallery in London showing curve women in fashion imagery. Romanticising curvier bodies in aspirational fashion and aesthetics, highlighting the size gap in the fashion industry and the lack of representation at the time.


After the success of Schema, I joined the team at BRIDGE where I have been able to help create a platform and push the voices of role models that are shaping the industry. Booking many first-time Curve and Big&Tall campaigns for clients like Savage Fenty, Levis, Victoria Secret and more, as well as creating opportunities for influencers and models to spread their body positive message as far and wide as possible.

Behind the lens, I aspire to partner with the brands that understand the importance of representation through beautiful imagery, and keep promoting healthy standards and inclusivity.


Publications include The Times UK, Mens Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan UKThe CutFrontRunner, MOB Journal, Feroce, Toksick, Sister, Stell, The Model Magazine, Disorder…


Clients include River Island, The Fika Edit, Love Leggings, Ramy Brook, Sony Music Spain, Beaches&Cream, Dare2b, Oprent, Koi Footwear, Anna Scholz, UKPSFW, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer..

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